My name has been placed here. Platz des europäischen Versprechens -Square of the European Promise Bochum, Germany 2004 – 2015 OPENING WAS AT 11 DECEMBER 2015, 5PM IN BOCHUM. Europe will not speak with one voice, but with many. Tolerance has many voices. Like the stars that give their light to the night, the people give their word to the future.~ Jochen Gerz Over a period of ten years, the Square of the European Promise is being created in Bochum. It is an invitation to citizens from all over Europe to be the authors of a new square in Germany. 14,726 participants responded to the artist's invitation and contributed their names. Each name – inscribed on the square's 20 giant basalt names plaques – stands for a promise. The inspiration for the Square of the European Promise is the “Heroes Memorial Hall“ dating back to 1931, which is situated in the restored ruin of the tower of the Christ Church in Bochum. A first list features the names of the city's citizens who died in World War I, as well as a surprising second list: The “enemy states of Germany“. Today all of them are Germany’s neighbours, partners and friends. Not only France, England, Italy, Portugal and the former Czechoslovakia are listed here, but also states from outside Europe such as the United States of America, Russia and China. This prophetic list anticipates World War II and the destruction of Europe. The Square of the European Promise contrasts both these lists with a third one: The names of the living. Their promises do not stand for a Europe of one but of many voices. They point to a shared future for all European people. All participants make a personal and unpublished pledge to themselves, thus creating an invisible manifesto of many identities and cultures – the Europe of today. The Square of the European Promise benefits from a unique deep and phosphorescent blue colour treatment. Laurent Fachard is a leading French light designer who's designs include the Pont d'Avignon and the presidential Elysée Palace in Paris. The new square is immersed in a glow contrasting with the city lighting.

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